Guided by the spirit of Freedom, I am surfing the wave that we call life, in search of the essence of it all. Who am I, why am I & with what goal are we here?

At a young age, I started to discover the world on my own (terms). Along the way, I picked up on subtle signs & patterns. However, it wasn’t until the deepest depth of my own personal conflict that these patterns merged into wisdom. It was from that moment on that my life changed & I actively started seeking out to grow this new and genuinely real side in my life.

Many of my personal experiences and encounters with fellow travelers, spiritual practitioners, teachers & guru’s since have taught me that the answers can be unveiled through the discovery of our universe within and our authentic connection with the world.

It was from that point on that I steered my life into the direction of personal & spiritual development, indulging myself in transformational coaching, body language, intuitive trainings, meditation, breath-work, ice bathing, self-expression, traditional Chinese medicine, shamanism,… .

My hunger to experience and learn more is far from satisfied. However, I can already look back with glee to see how far I’ve come and what I have learned so far. And now it is time to bring those learnings to the world!

Bedrijfsworkshop: Be Like Water coaching